Imperfection is beautiful too
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  • September 9, 2018
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A man found a beautiful pearl . It was very beautiful but had a small flaw in it .
The man thought , if he can remove the flaw , it would be the biggest and most beautiful pearl ever in his possession .
He peeled off a layer to correct the flaw . The flaw was still there . He peeled off another layer , the flaw was still there . He kept on peeling off the layers until all the layers were gone .
Now there was no flaw , but there was no pearl too .
Similarly ,
In this life , no one is PERFECT . Each person you meet would have some FLAW or the other . You will end up losing the person completely while trying to correct his/her flaws .
So try to learn by accepting people with their flaws and you will be surrounded by beautiful people all around you…
Imperfection is beautiful too !

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